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We’ve worked hard to earn a solid reputation for being trustworthy, hard-working and providing the highest level of service and execution for our customers.

Progressive Mechanical, Inc. (PMI) is a full-service mechanical, plumbing, process piping, and fire protection contractor. We specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of mechanical process piping and fire protection systems for the industrial, commercial, institutional, and municipal markets. PMI provides value through material cost control, efficient project management, and well-engineered systems. Based in Michigan, PMI has extensive experience working throughout the continental United States. Our site supervision team has been with us for more than 20 years and are regionally located to service a variety of geographical projects.

Ford Engineering Lab (FEL)

Project Title : Ford Engineering Lab (FEL) Project Location:  Dearborn, MI Completion:  11/30/2023 Project Manager:  Mike Roberts Design and Installation of the fire protection systems for the …
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Ford TEVC Site – Fire Protection

Project Title : Ford TEVC Site – Fire Protection Project Location:  Stanton, TN Completion:  11/30/2023 Project Manager:  Mike Roberts Installation of (3) fire pump houses and the underground…
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DTE Dry Fly Ash Conversion

Project Title : DTE Dry Fly Ash Conversion Project Location:  Monroe , MI Completion:  12/31/2023 Project Manager:  Charles West/ Dan Gregory Installation of a new fly ash conveyance system. PMI in…
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Freeze Protection Pump Installation

Project Title : Freeze Protection Pump Installation at Imlay City Pumping Station Project Location: Imlay City , MI Completion:  07/01/2023 Project Manager:  Mario W. Anetrini Great Lakes Water…
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Mission Critical Data Centers

Project Title :Mission Critical Data Centers Project Location:Central Ohio Completion:12/31/24 Project Manager:Brooks Morgan Multi-building campus consisting of (1) new 216,000 sq/ft data center, (5) …
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Stellantis Detroit Assembly Complex-Mack

Project: Tank Farm and Waste Water Treatment Plant Retrofit Project Location: Detroit, MI Owner: Stellantis Completion: 3/2022 Project Manager: Charles J West As a prime contractor, oversee the instal…
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Ultium Cells 1

Project Location: Lordstown, Ohio Owner: Ultium Cells Completion: 7/30/2022 Project Manager: Charles J. Hosler Hot Oil Heater Equipment and Piping Installation.  The scop…
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MTMUS Press-Weld Building 100/150

Project Location: Huntsville, AL Owner: Toyota Motor Engineering & Mfg., NA, Inc.  Completion: Start 6/1/19 Finish 6/1/21 Project Manager: Brooks Morgan Core and shell construction of a brand new…
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Holland Energy Park

Project Location: Holland, Michigan Owner: City of Holland, Board of Public Works Completion: 2016 Project Manager: John Wisniewski Progressive Mechanical, Inc. helped construct 130,000 square fe…
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DTE Dry Fly Ash Conversion (DFAC)

Project Location:  DTE Monroe Power Plant Owner: DTE Completion: December 2023 Project Manager: Charles J West PMI to install over 30,000 feet of piping. The project consists of installing a hybrid …
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FCA SHAP (Sterling Heights Assembly Plant)

Project Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan Completion: 2018 Project Manager: Vince Palazolo Chrysler Group invested nearly $850 million in a state-of-the-art paint shop. The work included constructi…
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Henry Ford

Project Location: Macomb Owner: Henry Ford Health Systems Completion: 11/22 Project Manager: Craig Mercier Installation of one pre-action system for an electrical substation in the new powerplant, alo…
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GM DHAM DFZ BEV 3 Battery Assembly

Project Location: Detroit/Hamtramck Owner: General Motors Completion: November 2022 Project Manager: Craig Mercier Installation of three wet pipe fire protection systems in the new battery parts stora…
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AMG Vanadium

Project Location: Zanesville Ohio Owner: AMG Completion: 10/22 Project Manager: Criag Mercier AMG Vanadium LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V., specializes in the e…
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