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Mission Critical Data Centers

Project Title :Mission Critical Data Centers

Project Location:Central Ohio


Project Manager:Brooks Morgan

Multi-building campus consisting of (1) new 216,000 sq/ft data center, (5) 128,000 sq/ft data centers, (2) 15,000 sq/ft auxiliary data buildings, a utility building/tank farm, and an administrative building. PMI was awarded the plumbing and mechanical packages, which include all plumbing, process piping, mechanical, and HVAC systems.

The plumbing and piping scope includes the following systems:

· Domestic water

· UG sanitary/IWW & excavation

· AG sanitary and vent

· Bathroom groups & fixtures

· Industrial water supply

· Refrigerating piping for office VRF system

· Refrigeration line sets for mini split units

· Indirect drain & condensate piping

· BMS outside air reference piping

· Dual contained fuel oil piping

· Furnish & install 188,000-gal industrial water storage tanks

· Furnish & install industrial water triplex booster pump skids & oxidation skid

· Funish & install fuel oil storage tanks, pumps, polishing skids, & enclosures

· Insulation

The mechanical & HVAC scope includes the following systems:

· Office area ductwork & GRDs

· Outside air duct for air handling units

· Install OFCI air handling units & exhaust fans

· Install OFCI exhaust stacks on emergency generators

· Funish & install outside air rooftop unit

· Funish & install VRF system

· Furnish & install mini split systems

· Furnish & install louvers & mechanical control dampers

· Furnish & install electric unit heaters & ERVs

· Mechanical controls scope

· Testing, balancing, & full-time commissioning support.